Yamaha Seascooter 500LI
Yamaha Seascooter 500LI
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Yamaha Seascooter 500LI

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Achieve speeds that you thought were impossible to reach with a DPV water scooter with the all new Yamaha Seascooter 500LI.

Incredible; Breathtaking; these and other words come close but still fail to encapsulate the feeling you get from the Yamaha Seascooter 500LI traveling at a speedy 4 mph in awe of what the ocean floor has to offer the adventure seeking diver.

With the all-new Yamaha Seascooter 500LI, tinkering around with buoyancy is a thing of the past. Instantly when you start your journey and by simply immersing the sea scooter in the water as you take off, the Yamaha Seascooter 500LI will engage its self-filling ballast hull and reach a state of neutral buoyancy. The RS series has conveniently let you find yet another way to forget about the machinery and focus on the wonderment of your dive!

If responsive, coordinated technology is what you are looking for in a seascooter than you need look no further than the Yamaha Seascooter 500LI from scootermotion.com. Truly and industry leader in innovative technological advancement, Yamaha has outdone themselves when it comes to the RS models and specifically the new Yamaha Seascooter 500LI.

Scootermotion.com is a licensed and authorized dealer of all new YAMAHA® line of SeaScooters.

And remember, if you find a better price out there on a Yamaha Seascooter 500LI from another Authorized Retailer we will beat it! Just order the Seascooter online, email the link where you found the better offer and as long as the ordered product qualifies for our Best Price Guarantee, we will refund the difference in price right away!



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