Yamaha Seascooter 275L
Yamaha Seascooter 275L
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Yamaha Seascooter 275L


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It’s tough to imagine having more fun in the water than being propelled along effortlessly into the depths unattached to the world above. Now, with the Yamaha Seascooter 275L you can do just that. With speeds of up to 3.3 mph you can glide right out to your favorite dive destination and down into the blue without exhausting yourself in the process.

Take control of the dive and stay out longer than you ever have been able to before with Yamaha Seascooter 275L. Since this DVP does all the work, you can relax and simply hold on tight. With over two hours of battery time with each charge, long gone are the days of having to cut short your dive upon a beautiful underwater wreck because you are tiring out early.

Lightweight and portable with its own convenient carrying case, it is a breeze to travel with and bring to your favorite vacation destination. The Yamaha Seascooter 275L will quickly become a must have weapon in your arsenal for any occasion that you find yourself out on the water.

Features and benefits of the Seascooter 275L:

• Variable Tri-stage speed control – 3 speeds selection
• Weight just 32 lbs / 14.5 kg including battery
• Speed up to 3.3 mph / 5.3km/h with battery life of 2 hours based on normal use
• Advised maximum depth and standard recreational diving limit 130 ft / 40m
• (Maximum tested depth rated to 50m/160ft)
• Improved safety features: water protection, low battery voltage protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, audible alert when water ingress, safety lock and auto shut-off function.

Yamaha Seascooter 275L includes the battery system and charger for a complete ready to us package.


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