Which Sea-Doo Seascooter is Right for Me? Choosing the Right Water Scooter

Summer is here and chances are that if you are reading this right now, you are in the market for a Sea-Doo Seascooter brand water scooter/DPV.

What is great about the Sea-Doo line of seascooter waters scooters is its variety. This is a plus for some and others it just makes if a little confusing. At ScooterMotion.com we are the experts on the subject and our aim is to steer you to the seascooter product that will best suit your needs. Some may simply want a waterscooter for the pool or want a professional grade unit for diving and/or snorkeling.

For the most part, all our Sea-Doo seacooters will be great in the pool, but some are better for little hands and easier to use for children. The Seascooter Dolphin and Aqua Ranger is a perfect unit for younger children to use in pool. For older kids the Pro is another good option. Both come with rechargeable batteries and chargers and both utilize one finger throttles for easier use.

The Seascooter Classic Pro is a step closer to the higher end models and is up graded with better electronics, has faster speeds, has the ability to dive to 65ft and has the option to use the Extended run batteries for more fun!

The next Seascooter in our lineup is the GTI. The GTI is perfect for adults to use. It comes with a more powerful engine with faster speeds and features the extended run battery as standard equipment and comes with a handy nylon duffle bag. The GTI is rated to 100ft and is at home in the pool, lakes, oceans and is a good choice for snorkeling.

The next two models are designed for the Professional. Don’t let it scare you. They are both easy to use and the VS Supercharged Plus is the same size and weight as both the Seascooter Classic Pro and GTI. What really sets the VS Supercharged apart from the GTI and Classic Pro is it two speeds. The VS Supercharged water scooter is capable at going at a crawl or blasting away in high speed mode. Both speeds cater to divers and snorkelers as the lower speed is perfect for getting an eyeful of that beautiful reef and the high speed will help get you to your favorite dive spot in a hurry.

For those who want and have to have the best, there is the all new Seascooter RS Series. The RS1 model is for the serious diver. It features triple speeds and the highest top speed capable of propelling you 3mph and more. The Seascooter features a new battery system that is easy to swap in and out and charge and proves super long run times.

I hope this run down of the Sea scooter models we carry was helpful. If you have any questions or would like to order a Seascooter we are here to help.