Water Scooter – Seadoo Personal Sea Scooter

SEA-DOO SEASCOOTERS – Classic, Pro, Dolphin, GTI, VS Supercharged, Explorer X and More!

Occasionally new technology creates something so unexpected, so revolutionary, and so fun, you’ve just got to try it. The SeaDoo Personal Sea Scooter is like that. Think of it as a totally submersible boat motor that will take you wherever you want to go. For snorkelers, it lets you conserve your breath, so you can stay under a bit longer.

For swimmers, stay on top and let the SeaDoo Personal Sea Scooter pull you through the water—it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced! It’s even fun in a large pool! Safety grilles keep the propeller out of reach, and a special system stops the motor instantly if you let go.

The Both models of the SeaDoo Seascooter weighs only 11 pounds with battery, and the original SeaDoo Water Scooter pulls you at 2 mph, the perfect speed for snorkeling and the SeaDoo Seascooter GTI pulls you with more thrust and a speed unto 2.5 mph for the all out Dive enthusiast.

The regular Seascooter works Awesome for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. The SeaDoo Water Scooter works great at depth upto 65ft with buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort on top or below the water surface.

The Seascooter GTI takes this awesome combination and makes it perfect for the avid scuba diver. With more thrust speed at 2.5 mph and the GTI is rated to 100ft./30m, yet has been tested at 115ft./35m. The SeaDoo Seascooter GTI is perfect for the Pro..

Powered by a 12 volt heavy duty rechargeable battery (included) that lasts up to one hour and can be recharged in 4-6 hours with the supplied charger.

The SeaDoo Water Scooter is Compact and easy to carry with its own heavy duty nylon duffle bag (included only with GTI and VS Supercharged). Features an automatic cut off when it is released or encounters an obstruction, plus protective safety grill.