Seascooter Waterscooters

Our Selection of seacooters include the Seascooter Dolphin, Seascooter Pro, Seascooter GTI, Seascooter VS Supercharged Plus, Seascooter Explorer X, the new Seascooter RS Series or the Bladefish 3000 & Bladefish 5000.

We are really impressed with its commercial quality of each water scooter! Just like the ones you rent while on vacation at the beach or lake, you can now have a water scooter of you own, at a price that fits within every budget. The SeaDoo Water Scooter is Compact and easy to carry, the GTI and VS includes their own heavy duty nylon duffle bag.

A SeaDoo water scooter is right at home in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools. The Seascooter Classic Pro is a good choice for pools and lakes. It can run at speeds 2 mph and at a depth of 65ft. Features buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort on top or below the water surface. The Seascooter GTI takes this awesome combination and makes it perfect for the avid snorekler diver. With more thrust speed at 2.5 mph and the GTI is rated to 100ft./30m, yet has been tested at 115ft./35m. The SeaDoo Seascooter VS Supercharged and Explorer X kicks it up another notch and are perfect for the Pro.

Each is powered by a 12 volt heavy duty rechargeable battery (included) that lasts up to an hour and with both the GTI and VS is equipped with a high capacity extended run battery for more fun out in the water. Each battery can be recharged within 4-6 hours with the supplied charger.

Saftey is the number one priority. The Seascooter features an automatic cut off when it is released or encounters an obstruction, plus their protective safety grill is there to help keep objects from entering the path of the propeller.