Seascooter GTI Batteries

Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI Extended Run BatteryHave more than twice the amount of fun. Now enjoy even longer run times with our Seascooter GTI 90 min. extended run time battery. Run up to 2.5 hrs when this battery is used as a second battery and by using the original GTI battery. (Run times may vary with use). This is the same capacity extended run time battery that comes standard in booth the Seascooter GTI and the VS SuperCharged Plus.

See more and have more fun with our Seascooter GTI Extended Run batteries.The Extended Run Battery for the Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI is a must for the avid diver or snorkeler.

**Always fully charge your GTI water scooter battery immediately after purchase and after every use. If the unit is not used for extended periods, it is suggested that it is removed from the seas scooter and placed on the charger to fully charge each month. Never place the battery in a sealed container when charging. To avoid damaging your seascooter battery, you should only use the battery charger that was supplied with the SEADOO® Seascooter™ GTI you purchase. If you need another charger we have those available too, please follow this link Sea-Doo Seascooter Battery Chargers.

To store the battery, remove it from the SEADOO® Seascooter™ GTI, store it separately from the charging base and keep in a dry, cool place. NEVER expose the battery to excessive heat or sunlight.