Seadoo Water Scooter

The SEA-DOO® Sea Scooter and Bladefish waterscooters are a real life ‘James Bond’ product, with a real practical application. You can now get to where you want to dive and explore without being tired out by the time you get there, conserve air when diving and see more when snorkeling.

An absolute must for water lovers, the all new SEA-DOO® Seascooters™ and Bladefish offers the lightest and most efficient personal water propeller in the world, all at an affordable price, making it hard to resist. The If you are looking for a new DVP, a water scooter is the perfect dive companion. The Seascooter Dolphin, Seascooter Pro, Seascooter GTI, Seascooter VS Supercharged Plus, Seascooter Explorer X, the new Seascooter RS Series were all designed with a simple goal in mind – to give customers unbelievable fun in the water in an easy to use package.